We get it, you are not easily convinced. Why should you? This is your special day!

We would love to speak in person about the details of your event, but until then here are some things we are commonly asked.

+ What is included in your services?

We include all travel, setup, and DJ services in our price. There are no additional or hidden fees. We have a 3 hour minimum.

+ What equipment do you use?

We have top of the line speakers and wireless microphones. With our setup, you will never have to worry about the music being too quiet or the wireless microphones cutting out. We promise this will never happen!

+ How can we be sure your equipment will work at our venue?

Trust us, it will. We have played coutless events and never had any connectivity issues. All the same, we are happy to speak in detail with the venue to make sure there wont be any issues.

+ Can we give the DJ a timeline of events and help us to stick to it?

Sure thing! Our job is to make your day as fun and carefree as possible. If you want the cake cutting to begin at 7, we will do that. If you want speeches to happen at 8:30pm and end by 9pm, we can make that happen. If you give us a timeline of events we will stick to it!

+ Do you have a songlist?

You betcha! Check it out here.

+ How do we let you know what music we want?

Our DJ will work closely with you to create the exact music and ambience you are looking for. For weddings, we have a form to fill out that details all of the specific requests, first dances, and a bunch of other info that will help us to be the best prepared for your special day. If you are unsure what music you want, or want to get a better idea, check out our songlist.

+ Do you take requests?

We do! Our song database is huge and we will have any song someone might request. However, often times that song that only that person wants to hear will vacate the dance floor. We will work with you to curtail our performance to play the exact music you are looking for.

+ Can you play in two different locations at the same event?

Absolutely! Depending on how far the locations are (such as the wedding ceremony and reception) we can move our equipment to the second location or have a multi zone speaker setup.

+ Can we come see you perform at an event?

Yes! We have a karaoke event in West Seattle every week. The ambiance might be a bit different than at your event, but you will get an idea of what our DJs are like and if they would be the right fit. Just let us know if you want to stop by.

+ Do you provide lighting?

We have an LED fixture and a disco ball rigged with lights. Just let us know and we will bring them!

+ We're considering just using an iPod, why shouldn't we?

An iPod might get you singing in the shower, but a DJ is going to get a room moving. Our DJs are experienced in reading a crowd and understanding exactly what is needed to get people on the dance floor. Also, an iPod also cannot make announcements, facilitate speeches, and make sure everything runs according to a timeline.

+ Do you require a deposit?

We require a 40% deposit to hold the date. This means that no matter what happens, that date is reserved for you and we will be there.

+ Can you recommend a photographer / photobooth / day of event coordinator?

Absolutely. We work with many people in the industry that we trust and can recommend. Just ask and we will connect you.

+ Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured (up to $1 million per event) and can add additional insured parties to our policy.

+ We want to book you! What do we do next?

Call, email, or reach us through our contact page. Let us know the details of the event (date, location, hours, etc.) and we will reach out to you with our availability and price quote.